Toilet Paper Diaries

Toilet Paper Diaries
Sun 24 Sep 23
Sun 24 Sep 23

We meet Eloise on a very important day, She’s waiting for something big. We jump into her childhood diaries exploring what’s brought her to this moment.

Eloise was a happy child and a promising ballerina with no doubt she was going to grow up to be a star. Then at nine years old, her periods start and completely derail her life. She’s thrown face-first into a war against gaslighting doctors. They refuse to listen or believe her but she’s determined she will keep getting louder until someone hears. She talks about all things menstruation and menopause with brutal honesty.

A heartbreaking and hilarious tale that anyone with endometriosis or another condition that has led to medical gaslighting will instantly recognise.

Toilet Paper Diaries has access at the heart of the play and includes creative captions and audio description. There will be an optional touch tour before the play starts.


Touch Tour at 16.00

Show starts 16.30

Running time approximately 1 hour 15 minutes with a 20-minute interval


Porcelain Delaney

Porcelain is a disabled multi-disciplinary artist and theatremaker passionate about sharing representative stories. After working as a professional performer she grew frustrated at the lack of representative characters and stories and pivoted her practice into theatre making to share lesser told narratives. As a performing artist Porcelain worked across a wide range of genres including: theatre, literature, circus, cabaret and dance. She likes to include aspects of different genres within her own shows to create unique experiences. Her cabaret acts headlined internationally including at: Cirque Le Soir Dubai, Reykjavik Kabarett , Wunder Kabarett Paris and many others.

1 hour 15 minutes + 20 minute interval
Medical trauma and gaslighting