Manchester Independents present

Manchester Independents present is your opportunity to showcase your work here. This is for new work, not previously seen publicly, by Greater Manchester artists showing in Greater Manchester.

Your event will feature in our listings and will get its own event page.  

Artists and companies are invited to add their work/event to Manchester Independents present, to showcase the wealth of talent and new work created in the City Region.

For inclusion, work can be in any artform and shown in person or online. All work must be new and not seen before publicly; created by Greater Manchester artists and shown in Greater Manchester.

You will need to be able to give: dates, location or online viewing link to your event and booking details, image and copy.

You remain responsible for the delivery of the event, but are welcome to use the Manchester Indpenendents branding to help raise its profile. 

Projects must:

– Be happening publicly.

– Be taking place within GM postcode areas, or online by GM based artists

– Be artist-led and made by GM based independent artists/companies

– Be new work not shown publicly before

– Fit with the ethos of the initiative

– Be the artist’s own, original work (and the artist must hold copyright/ownership of the piece and materials included)

– Artists must conform with statutory and local authority rules concerning health and safety, obscenity and defamation.

-You remain the presenter of your own work and all costs, permissions and liabilities, including insurance remain with you. 

We will read and check each application fortnightly, to ensure it meets the core criteria of new work, made in Greater Manchester.

PLEASE NOTE: It is your responsibility update your entry with any changes to your projects. If you want to update your information after filling out this form, go to edit your event and log-in or email

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing what projects you have lined up…