Works Ahead

Christian Asare/Kellie Colbert/Jade Williams

Thu 18th May - Fri 19th May

Our annual sampler evening of new performance returns to Contact with a trio of new works-in-development from artists Christian Asare, Jade Williams, Kellie Colbert — searching for identity on the tightrope of our histories, amidst the isolation of our immediate pasts and within the armour of our presents.

Christian Asare · Dual

Embrace the divine madness of creativity — it takes courage to live with anxiety and vulnerability, but it’s what sets creative souls apart.

Jade Williams · In Search of Pablo

“Brilliant, Black, and Manc” — born in 1810, Pablo Fanque was the first Black circus owner in Britain. Come & delight in tales of Pablo’s Fantastic Fair as I channel his story to explore my own journey to being brilliant, Black & Manc.

Kellie Colbert · Dedicated To The One I Love

And tell all the stars above. This is dedicated to the one I love.
(Love can never be exactly like we want it to be.)



Christian is a practising fine artist with a focus on afro-futurism & installation. He’s also a dancer & choreographer working across theatre, Live Art, modern dance. His work is reflective of an eclectic transatlantic education, pulling influence & inspiration from variations in language & cross-cultural heritage.

Jade is a Black, Queer, multi-disciplinary artist from Manchester working in dance, poetry, writing, performance, and creative facilitation.

Kellie is a Greater Manchester-based performance maker. She would describe herself as an autobiographical artist, who creates work that is honest, relatable, and at times self-critical. She uses spoken word & symbolism to explore memories, often focusing on themes of mental health & feminism.

Christian Asare/Kellie Colbert/Jade Williams


120 mins


Age - 16+
Trigger Warnings



18 May 7.30pm


19 May 7.30pm


Presented by: Word of Warning + Contact


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