Future Known As: Culture and Identity

Future Known As: Culture and Identity
Thu 12 Oct 23
Thu 12 Oct 23

Be inspired by new perspectives on music-making and the creative process.

Future Known As is a series of monthly meet-ups for artists taking place across Manchester. For you if you want to:

  • Find your unique sound
  • Get to grips with new musical techniques
  • Link up with the Northern music scene

Each session is split into three parts:

  • Hear about another artist’s unique style
  • Explore how to apply their techniques to your work
  • Chat about your own approaches to making music

About this event

Sit down with HUSK, Samrai and LINTD for a conversation exploring culture and identity within their music-making practice from their respective Irish, Punjabi and Nigerian roots. 

The artists will discuss their personal experiences connected to their cultural heritage, and the different journeys and perspectives they embody in their creative practice.

Join us to explore themes of connection, cultural preservation, folklore and how culture can impact sound in an unexpected way.


Tickets are free, with an opportunity to donate if you can.

We also have a small budget to cover travel costs. If you’d like to come along but the cost of travel presents a barrier, please contact kinaya@brightersound.com.

3 hours