Future Known As: Commissions and Collaboration

Future Known As: Commissions and Collaboration
Fri 10 Nov 23
Fri 10 Nov 23



Be inspired by new perspectives on music-making and the creative process.

Future Known As is a series of monthly meet-ups for artists taking place across Manchester. For you if you want to:

  • Find your unique sound
    Get to grips with new musical techniques
    Link up with the Northern music scene

Each session is split into three parts:

  • Hear about another artist’s unique style
  • Explore how to apply their techniques to your work
  • Chat about your own approaches to making music

About this event

Hear from artist and author AbuQadim Haqq about his techno-inspired graphic novels ‘The Book of Drexciya’, a story of resilience through afro/techno-futurism and the creative sci-fi origins of Detroit techno group Drexciya.

Then take part in a workshop with electronic artists All Trades and Prieste5s. As they reflect on being commissioned as part of From the Depths learn about:

  • International collaboration
  • How they used AbuQadim’s work as inspiration
  • Live performance with electronics

Stick around for a free after-hours shindig (10pm-3am) featuring:

  • All Trades & Prieste5s presenting From the Depths (Live)
  • Esmé
  • Granite Mechani


Tickets are free, with an opportunity to donate if you can.

We also have a small budget to cover travel costs. If you’d like to come along but the cost of travel presents a barrier, please contact kinaya@brightersound.com.

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