Julian Gray

Julian Gray

Julian Gray is an illustrator and comic creator. Unapologetically queer, trans, disabled, and mixed race, Julian is passionate about filling the world with stories featuring marginalised characters where their marginalisation is not the centrepiece. He has worked with clients such as the BBC, LGBT Foundation, Switchboard, Disability Arts Online, and DaDaFest.


R&D For Cerebral Palsy Graphic Novel

Literature / Visual Art

Julian is planning to carry out R&D for notINSPIRATIONAL, a graphic novel exploring Cerebral Palsy, drawing on his lived experiences as well as comparing that to living with a visible disability. In the novel, “Wish-Granter” follows a Victorian aristocrat with Cerebral Palsy who lives an isolated life, until he meets an eldritch being who gives him an insight into life as an able-bodied person. The story will explore ableism (both external and internalised), privilege, the struggles of fitting into society, and ultimately embracing disability.